Sunday, November 29, 2009

Super Secret Spies and Agents

Last weekend Archer turned 8yrs old and we threw a Super Secret Spies and Agents Party at a local park. The kids were divided into teams and each assigned a job. There was a Leader, Decoder, Radioman, Pack Mule, Recon, etc. They were given a list of clues and there were envelopes with puzzle pieces or bombs hidden all over the park. When they were done they put together a puzzle that lead them to a "Bomb" pinata.

The kids were the perfect age for this! The day was beautiful and the park was great. They ran from one place to another, reporting in on walkie talkies.

We made the Bomb Piñata out of paper mache, our first time to do that and it was a fun family project. The cake was lots of fun! I used a ball cake form to make a bomb that looked just like the piñata, and placed it on top of a sheet cake. They each made a Top Secret Access badge, were fingerprinted and came up with their secret agent name. We put together Spy Supply Kits with sun glasses, squirt guns, magnifying glass, compass ring, pad and pencil and secret decoder. We drew on on mustaches and dressed them in a hat and trench coat for a photo for the Thank You card. It was so nice and normal to have a park full of friends and playmates!

This week also marks one year from the day that Fred and I came to Silicon Valley and found our house and school. Fred even had his 1yr Anniversary at work. Everything is going fine with both renting out our home and renting this one. Time has just flown by and we have really settled in here.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun time!


  2. So cute! My son want a James Bond party this year, so this will give me some ideas to jump off from!